Maldives National Chamber
of Commerce & Industry
Promoting commerce and public welfare
Welcome to our trade and investment promotion portal for local and foreign Business Houses, Chambers and Business Councils as well as countries that do not have a business office in the Maldives.
MNCCI has become the most effective private sector body developed for the social and economic development of the Maldives through the promotion of commerce and industry. We aim to help promote and protect trade, business, commerce and public welfare of the nation.

Membership of MNCCI is open to all persons engaged in commercial activities, in operating factories, industrialists, bankers, those involved in developing trade and all other associated with trade or in service related to trade and accept the Articles of Association and the Administrative procedure of MNCCI.

Membership Benefits

  • Involvement in MNCCI’s activities provides access to top business leaders and Government ministries and official
  • The MNCCI is regularly consulted by the Government on issues related to the business community. This provides opportunities for member’s views and concerns to be heard
  • All members are featured in the produced MNCCI member’s directory on MNCCI official website, free of charge. The Directory, viewable to all members, is an excellent channel for members to contact each other
  • Visa recommendation letters and other documents are endorsed by MNCCI and recognized worldwide.
  • Regular notices are circulated on business opportunites available- importers/exporters wanted, tender notices, etc
  • The MNCCI Secretariat provides an intensive business information service and direct consultancy is available on most issue. The Secretariat also provides regular circulars on up-to-date business information and Government policies
  • The MNCCI committees actively monitor and pursue issues concerning trade issue, the environment, expatriate employment, manpower, foreign investment regulation, tourism, taxation and etc.
  • MNCCI serves as a link to other local and international business groups like other foreign chambers
  • Members recieve regular invitations to attend MNCCI seminars, workshops, member’s gathering, dialogue sessions with Government Officials, visit to Industrial Estates and meetings with foreign trade delegations
  • Members get opportunity to participate in the events organized by MNCCI

International Chamber of Commerce

International Affiliate

With a global network of over 6 million members in more than 100 countries, ICC works to promote international trade, responsible business conduct and a global approach to regulation through a unique mix of advocacy and standard setting activities.


Islamic Chamber of Commerce

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The Islamic Chamber is an affiliated organ of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and represents the private sector of 57 Member Islamic Countries. It aims at strengthening closer collaboration in the various business fields of the Member countries.


Hals & Hounds

Technology Partner

Hals & Hounds is the largest full service design, development and technology consultancy agency based in Maldives. Their aim is to provide creative solutions to help businesses bring their products and services to an ever growing more technologically aware customer base.