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This is our trade and investment promotion portal for local and foreign business houses, Chambers and Business Councils as well as countries that do not have a business office in the Maldives.

We have become the most effective private sector body developed for the social and economic development of the Maldives through the promotion of commerce and industry.

We aim to help promote and protect the trade, business commerce and public welfare of the nation.

Mr. Ismail Asif, Vice President of MNCCI, met with some of the Institutions in Germany.

Mr. Ismail Asif, Vice President of MNCCI, met with some of the Institutions in Germany. These Institutions include, BUV (Federation of Entrepreneurs Association of Germany) and KAS (Konrad Adeneuer Stifting) The purpose of this meeting was mainly to discuss about business cooperation between Germany and Maldives. They also discussed on representation of MNCCI in the European Union. Furthermore, they discussed about the challenges faced by regional development. Namely, SAARC. Mr. Ismail Asif, also, the President of SAARC CCI highlighted that the biggest challenge facing the region is corruption. He also brought their attention to the fact that the assistance given by German Corporations could be misused if not properly monitored, due to the issue of corruption in the region. He therefore suggested on having a special forum to discuss about the misuse of assistance to SAARC countries. He also highlighted that he is not happy with the FNF assistance to SAARC CCI and suggested that there is a lot of room for improvement on how the funds are being used once they are given. When asked Mr. Ismail Asif, what his biggest challenge as SAARC CCI President, he replied as, “Internal Corruption.”