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This is our trade and investment promotion portal for local and foreign business houses, Chambers and Business Councils as well as countries that do not have a business office in the Maldives.

We have become the most effective private sector body developed for the social and economic development of the Maldives through the promotion of commerce and industry.

We aim to help promote and protect the trade, business commerce and public welfare of the nation.

MNCCI CSR Program for Schools and Mosques.

MNCCI is proud to say that we have the best CSR program in the Maldives. We contribute to Schools, Mosques and other facilities that are in need such as the old age home in K. Guraidhoo. Latest in our CSR program, MNCCI donated various items. These aids include donating gadgets such as tablets and projectors to Imaaduddeen School Special needs Classes. We also aided Imaaduddeen School with the instruments they need at their Science Laboratories. 11269692_799402593488629_154423804_nIn this same program for aiding Schools, Jamaaluddeen School, Iskandhar school, Dharumavantha School have also been donated with projectors and Laptops by MNCCI. On this note, we would like to inform that we are always open to talk and are willing to help education of Maldives by improving the condition of Schools. 11267293_799402643488624_1858613507_nMNCCI has also collaborated with the ministry of Islamic affairs and agreed on working with them to raise the Standards of Mosques in Maldives by upgrading the current equipment. It was also agreed that MNCCI will be providing them with the necessary equipment needed in mosques. The Mosques include those in Islands as well. Providing aid to renovate old mosques or mosques with damages to their structures were also agreed on during the meetings held between the ministry and MNCCI. We are also involved in maintaining the Friday Mosque, one of our oldest heritages and oldest mosques in date.