The Maldives National Chamber of Commerce Inaugurated their CSR program, under the slogan “Assisting teachers and Schools” at iskandhar School on 10th July 2014.

A speech was given by the vice presidents of MNCCI “Mr.Ismail Asif” highlighting certain factors such as how the CSR program began, what are the main focuses of the CSR program and of the upcoming projects.

10 laptops were given to selected teachers of Iskandhar School, also, plans are being made to improve the condition of the computer lab.

Moreover, plans are being made to make an art lab under the help of MNCCI at Iskandhar School.

The CSR program not only focuses on education, but various things are being done to improve the health industry as well.

The MNCCI are also looking for further ways to improve the educational system, by finding ways to help other schools as well.

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