Maldives especially its globally renowned tourism industry offers the best hospitality, but no one must abuse or take that gracious hospitality for granted, MNCCI vice president Ismail Asif has insisted.

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony of this year’s FHAM Exhibition and International Culinary challenge held in the capital Male, Asif reminded the international community that Maldives remained an independent and soverign country.

“Maldives is a very hospitable country with extremely friendly people. But no one must abuse that hospitality. We as a soverign country, must be free of undue foreign influence when it comes to our internal affairs,” Asif stressed.

Asif said the Maldives as a developing country would welcome advise and assistance from the more established international partners but stressed that the international community must respect the sovereignty of the country.

MNCCI, similar to previous years is a proud partner of the FHAM Exhibition and International Culinary challenge.